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Jinhua City Dukoo Toys Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of archaeological toys, specializing in customizing archaeological products for customers worldwide. Established in 2009, our company has experienced remarkable growth and development over the past 13 years. We take immense pride in our dedicated team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that have allowed us to expand our production capacity from 400 square meters to an impressive 8000 square meters.

Company Overview:

At Jinhua City Dukoo Toys Co., Ltd., we recognize the importance of providing realistic and educational toys that spark children's curiosity about ancient civilizations and cultural heritage. Our vision is to create a bridge between the past and the present by producing meticulously detailed archaeological toys that not only entertain but also educate young minds.

Product Range:

We offer an extensive range of archaeological toys, including miniature excavation kits, ancient civilization models, and intricately crafted replicas of historical artifacts. Our products cover a wide range of ancient cultures, such as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mayan, and more. Each item is meticulously designed, keeping historical accuracy and educational value in mind.


One of our unique selling points is our ability to customize archaeological toys according to our customers' specific requirements. We understand that different educational institutions, museums, and individual customers have distinct needs and preferences. Therefore, we are committed to tailoring our products to suit their specifications. Whether it's modifying the design, changing the color scheme, or adding personalized engravings, we strive to offer unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Global Reach:

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a stellar reputation among our clients worldwide. We have successfully served customers across the globe, spanning continents such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Despite being based in Jinhua City, China, our products have found their way into esteemed educational institutions, toy stores, museums, and private collections worldwide.

Quality Assurance:

At Jinhua City Dukoo Toys Co., Ltd., we maintain stringent quality control measures at every stage of production. We understand the significance of accuracy when it comes to archaeological toys, and therefore, we pay meticulous attention to details. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing process, each step is closely monitored to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and accuracy. Our commitment to providing superior quality products sets us apart from our competitors.

Sustainable Practices:

Apart from our dedication to quality, we are also deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint by implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Our factory adheres to strict environmental regulations, employing energy-saving technologies and utilizing eco-friendly materials. We believe in protecting our planet for future generations, and our efforts toward sustainable practices reflect this ethos.

Innovation and Research:

To stay ahead of industry trends and meet evolving customer demands, we invest in continuous innovation and research. We have a dedicated team of designers and researchers who remain updated on archaeological discoveries and educational advancements. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, we strive to incorporate cutting-edge features and design elements into our products. Our commitment to innovation is aimed at creating an immersive learning experience for children and promoting their interest in history and archaeology.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Jinhua City Dukoo Toys Co., Ltd. strongly believes in giving back to society. We actively engage in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, working closely with educational institutions and charitable organizations. We donate a portion of our profits towards promoting archaeological research, supporting educational programs, and organizing outreach activities. Furthermore, we provide employment opportunities to local communities, helping to uplift the socioeconomic conditions of the region.


Since our inception in 2009, Jinhua City Dukoo Toys Co., Ltd. has come a long way in becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of archaeological toys. Through years of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to quality, we have successfully grown our factory from 400 square meters to an impressive 8000 square meters. Our global reach and specialization in customizing products have allowed us to serve customers from various industries and regions worldwide. As we continue to expand our product range, embrace sustainable practices, and promote educational initiatives, we are confident in our ability to inspire young minds and ignite their passion for exploring the wonders of our ancient past.
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